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papersThis page contains links to the slides of presentations made at PIN meetings. Click on the presentation title to view the slides in a new window. Many of these presentations require the free Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded from www.adobe.com.

PIN26: 16th May 2018, Newcastle University

  1. CFD analysis of various PI equipment in the context of the IbD project. Juan Enriquez, Analisis-DSC, Spain

  2. Novel metal-enzyme catalyst for cascade reaction in a spinning mesh disc reactor. Parimala Shivaprasad, University of Bath

  3. Inter-cooling in Intensified carbon capture with solvents. Meihong Wang & Eni Oko, Sheffield University

  4. An overview of work at Leeds University on the AMT Coflore reactor as part of the IbD project. Tim Hunter, Leeds University

  5. Chemical looping for chemicals production. Vincenzo Spallina, University of Manchester

  6. Process Intensification: Towards an Efficient and Sustainable Society. Srinivas Krishnaswamy, BITS Pilano, Goa, India

  7. CaviMax Hydrodynamic Cavitation Technology - The tale of the journey from research laboratory to the marked place. Emma Greenwood, CAVIMAX Ltd., UK

  8. Demonstration of the IbD Platform. Arnau Fatjo, IRIS et al.

  9. Compact CO2 Capture (3C's). Desorber Heat Transfer. Dag Eimer, University College, South East Norwau

  10. ARTEMIS Project: Testing an Intensified Carbon Capture System on a 150 kW Combustion Process. Jon Lee, Newcastle University

  11. Solvent-Antisolvent Precipitation of Starch Nanoparticles in a Spinning Disc Reactor. Sahr Sana, Newcastle University



PIN25: 21st June 2017, Newcastle University

  1. Absorption of CO2 from a simulated flue gas using a rotating packed bed with counter/co/crossflow of the gas phase. Jon Lee, Newcastle University

  2. Intensified by Design (IbD) - The challenges of demonstrating intensified unit operations in solids-handling processes. Arnau Fatjo, IbD Project Manager, IRIS, Barcelona

  3. TFM simulations of membrane-assisted fluidized bed reactors for H2 production. Ivo Roghair, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  4. Process intensification-related activities at Huntsman Polyurethanes. Melissa Assirelli, Huntsman, Belgium

  5. The IbD Porject - CFD simulation of intensified unit operations handling solids. Juan Enriquez, Analisis-DSC, Spain

  6. Some Surprises in a Conventional Stirred Reactor: Discovery, Theory and Potential Applications. Steven Wang, Newcastle University

  7. Sibur's areas of interest. Alexander Koblov, SIBUR R&D Centre, Tomsk, Russia (see https://www.sibur.ru/en/)

  8. Mass transfer enhancement as a function of the oscillatory baffled reactor design. Safaa Ahmed, Newcastle University

  9. Fouling in Mass Transfer. Akhilesh Srivastava & Dag Eimer, Tel-Tek, Norway

  10. A PI approach to steam reforming catalyst. Panayiotis Theophanous & Peter Carnell, Johnson Matthey

  11. Applications of 3D printed fluidic oscillators for process intensification. Jonathan McDonough, Newcastle University

  12. Ozoflotation for microalgae harvesting from wastewater. Sharon Velasquez-Orta, Newcastle University



PIN24: 21st June 2016, Newcastle University

  1. 'Intensified by Design' - Overview of the IbD project and the case studies. David Reay, David Reay and Associates

  2. Fluidisation - some concepts for carbon capture and power plant cooling water use minimisation. Vladimir Zivkovic and David Reay, Newcastle University

  3. An introduction to Torbed technology and its role in process intensification. Dan Groszek, Torftech UK

  4. Intensified smaller scale GTL processes. Laura Barrio, Velocys

  5. Intensifying with ultrasound and microfluidics. David Fernandez Rivas, University of Twent.

  6. IbD project simulation development. Jeronimo Domingo, Analisis DSC

  7. Micro-fabricated functional surfaces for future engineering. Yifan Li, Northumbria University

  8. Fouling in heat exchangers. Ankhilesh Kumar Srivastava, Tel-Tek

  9. A novel design of granulator/dryer. Ahmad Mustaffar, Newcastle University

  10. Design of a meso-scale oscillatory flow reactor. Louisa Ejim, Loughborough University

  11. Intensification of degassing by ultrasound. Dag EImer, Tel-Tek

  12. Scale-up of oscillatory-baffled reactor. Safaa Ahmed, Newcastle University

  13. Intensification of cross-flow membrane filtration using oscillatory helical baffled flow. Takafumi Horie. Kobe University & Newcastle University

  14. Integrated process for conversion of CO2 into value-added product. Valentine Eze, Newcastle University



PIN22: 21st May 2014, Newcastle University

  1. Packed Beds for Processing Associated and Stranded Gas. Jonathan Lee, Newcastle University
  2. Chemical looping membrane reformer concept for H2 production and CO2 capture. J. Medrano, TU Eindhoven
  3. Reactive Distillation for Biodiesel Production. Mike Tuck, Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies Limited
  4. Magnetic microparticle-enhanced mixing using time-dependent magnetic actuation in microfluidic chips. Evgeny Rebrov, Queen's University, Belfast
  5. Temperature Stabilisation in Fischer-Tropsch Reactors Using Phase Change Material (PCM). Ademola Odunsi, Heriot-Watt University
  6. A membrane reactor operating at higher temperature with higher selectivity and substantially increased productivity. Andre van Veen, Warwick University
  7. Effect of novel reactor configurations on large scale power production.  V. Spallina, TU Eindhoven
  8. ICRF in full blossom. Integrated Chemical Reaction Facility. Li Li, Durham University
  9. Crystallization in "Mesoscale" Oscillatory Baffled Reactors, Richard Abernethy, Newcastle University
  10. Microwave desorption of adorbents for carbon capture  Theo Chronopoulos, Heriot-Watt University
  11. Bioprocessing in Microcapillary Films. Nuno Reis, Loughborough University



Presentations made at the 21st PIN Meeting, 23rd May 2013, Newcastle University


Presentations made at the 20th PIN Meeting, 2nd May 2012, Newcastle University

The 19th PIN Meeting formed part of "EPIC3", the 3rd European Process Intensification Conference, 20-23 June Manchester 2011


Presentations made at the 17th PIN Meeting, 30th June 2009, Newcastle University


Presentations made at the 16th PIN Meeting, 9th September, CIKTN, Runcorn



Presentations made at the 15th PIN Meeting, 21st November 2007, Cranfield University..


Presentations made at the 14th PIN Meeting, 26th April 2007, Grangemouth.


Presentations made at the 13th PIN Meeting, 15 November 2006, Newcastle.

Presentations made at the 12th PIN Meeting 25 June 2005

Presentations made at the 11th PIN Meeting 7 December 2004

Presentations made at 10th PIN Meeting 3 June 2004

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