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The Netherlands

TNO - Implementation of PI Technologies

15 April - 2011


EUROTHERM Seminar 92

17-21 April - 2011


INFUB, Industrial Furnaces & Boilers

26-29 April - 2011

The United Kingdom

IChemE – European Process Intensification Conf

20-23 June - 2011


MNF2011, 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference

22-24 August - 2011

The United Kingdom

UK Heat Transfer Conference

30 August - 1 September - 2011


8th Int. Seminar on Heat Pipes, Heat Pumps etc.

12-15 September - 2011


by D.A. Reay & A.P. Harvey

While clearing space I came across the first issue of HEXAG News, dated July 1994 (distributed by post, of course). At that time we were funded by the Energy Technology Support Unit (ETSU) on behalf of the Energy Efficiency Office. That organisation was responsible for arguably the best collection of guidance documents

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EPIC Conference 2011

The 3rd EPIC Conference

IChemE is organising the 3rd European Process Intensification Conference, EPIC 2011 to be held on the 20 - 23 June 2011 in Manchester, United Kingdom. The objective of EPIC is to bring together the key stakeholders and practitioners in the process industries to address the interactions between ...

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Multiphase Reactors Group at Eindhoven

The newly established capacity group "Multiphase Reactors" at Eindhoven University of Technology consists of two chairs: the first chair is 'Multi-scale Modeling of Multiphase Flows' with Prof. J.A.M. Kuipers as chair holder and the second chair is ...

EPSRC Support

EPSRC Support for Research in Heat and Mass Transfer Data shown is current at 19th November 2010. These data are taken from the EPSRC web site – www.epsrc.ac.uk – that is freely accessible. Click the link below to view the data ...

OPTITHERM Project Activities at Newcastle University

Project Title: Creation of decision based software for the selection of the best available technology for the recovery of low grade heat in the food and chemical industries. This project is part of ...

Contribution from Professor Vasiliev, Minsk

ABSTRACT: In the 21st century the way to increase the efficiency of new sources of energy is directly related with extended exploration of renewable energy. This modern tendency ensures ...

News from Nitech Solutions Ltd. on Tubular Baffled Reactors

NiTech Solutions Ltd has won the ICIS Innovation Awards 2010. The technology start-up, founded by Professor Xiong-Wei Ni and spun-out of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh in 2004 ...

Tiny Technology to make High Tech Industry Cool

Thermacore Europe is leading an €8.3m pan-European project called NanoHex, to develop a cutting edge liquid coolant that incorporates purpose engineered nano-particles for more efficient cooling ...

Enhanced Titanium Finned Tube for Aggressive Seawater

Wieland has extended its product portfolio range with exotic tube materials for corrosive and high temperature applications for critical shell-and-tube heat exchangers in industrial services ...

New from Alfa Laval – The ART LabPlate Reactor

The ART LabPlate reactor is a very efficient tool for gaining first-hand experience with flow chemistry. The intention is to help chemists to easily judge if their reactions are suitable for flow chemistry ...

Observations from Fred Starr

I am about half way through my paper on " Internal Cooling of Exhaust Valves in IC Engines". I managed to get hold of some wartime tests in which water was flowed through an exhaust valve of a big American radial engine ...

News from Nottingham University

Yuying Yan recently organised a workshop in Nottingham (based on their Sustainable Construction iNet projects) to introduce their recent progress to the Building Services companies.  This included 1) novel building block of thermoelectric co-generations ...

Eindhoven University of Technology – New Professor of Process Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology has appointed prof.dr. Volker Hessel as professor of Micro Flow Chemistry and Process Technology in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry ...

Synthetic Chemical Process Development through Scale-Up Activities

The results of a survey by Coalesce Corporation in the USA into barriers to performing organic synthesis reactions may well be of interest to the PI community. The outcomes are presented below ...

Data from the Carbon Trust

The Government aims to cut UK carbon emissions by 80% from 1990 levels by 2050. Using energy more efficiently in the home will be crucial in meeting this target as residential property currently accounts for around 25% of total carbon emissions ...

Industrial Energy Assessment Survey

We, Dean McCaffery and Johanna Smith, are currently undertaking a survey on the chemical industry as part of their final year research project at Newcastle University. The aim of the survey is to gather information on the chemical sectors energy usage ...

Biochar – A viable alternative to carbon capture and storage

Photosynthesis is nature's way of extracting carbon from the atmosphere. It leads to biomass in the form of plants which contain carbon. When the plant dies and decays, that carbon is returned to ...

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