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15 April - 2011


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26-29 April - 2011

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22-24 August - 2011

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30 August - 1 September - 2011


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12-15 September - 2011

Enhanced Titanium Finned Tube for Aggressive Seawater

Wieland has extended its product portfolio range with exotic tube materials for corrosive and high temperature applications for critical shell-and-tube heat exchangers in industrial services. Key industries are the oil and gas, petrochemical as well as chemical industry. One recent development is an enhanced titanium finned tubes for aggressive seawater or other harsh environments. Key applications are within offshore and coastal based process plants, large heat pumps and refrigeration units for district heating and cooling.

The properties and benefits of enhanced tubes at a glance:

  • The fin structure on the out - and inside of the tube results in better heat transfer performance
  • This concludes in a more compact heat exchanger design as well as significant savings of liquid inventory, e.g. refrigerant charge
  • Savings beyond are associated with less installation space, reduction in piping, equipment rag and foundation volume
  • Titanium's superior corrosion resistance allows the enhanced tube technology to be used in aggressive seawater resulting in a minimal equipment weight
  • The optimised heat transfer of shell-and-tube heat exchangers supports the design of high efficient refrigeration systems and process plants

Enhanced tube product portfolio

Wieland Thermal Solutions supplies key heat transfer expertise for enhanced heat transfer solutions, on the basis of many years of experience from a wide range of industries.

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