Upcoming Meetings & Conferences

The Netherlands

TNO - Implementation of PI Technologies

15 April - 2011


EUROTHERM Seminar 92

17-21 April - 2011


INFUB, Industrial Furnaces & Boilers

26-29 April - 2011

The United Kingdom

IChemE – European Process Intensification Conf

20-23 June - 2011


MNF2011, 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference

22-24 August - 2011

The United Kingdom

UK Heat Transfer Conference

30 August - 1 September - 2011


8th Int. Seminar on Heat Pipes, Heat Pumps etc.

12-15 September - 2011

9th Infub Conference, Portugal

On behalf of the Organizing Committee (Prof. Wolfgang Leuckel-University of Karlsruhe, Prof. John Ward-University of Glamorgan and myself) I invite you to visit the conference website http://www.cenertec.pt/infub/ where you will find current information about the 9TH EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ON INDUSTRIAL FURNACES AND BOILERS (INFUB-9) which will be held at the Palacio Estoril Hotel, in Estoril, Portugal, from the 26th to the 29th of April 2011 (the week after Easter).

In the site you can see the Programme Summary, Programme, Keynote Lectures, International Scientific Committee Members, Registration conditions and further information.

In short, 143 abstracts were submitted but only 96 papers were selected for presentation (from 29 Countries). The Conference will also feature 7 Keynote Lectures by internationally recognised experts.

You are advised to make your travel arrangements as soon as possible since the Easter holidays are a busy period for flights to Portugal. The nearest Airport is Lisbon (half an hour from Estoril).

If you want to know more about the Hotel please click http://www.palacioestorilhotel.com/index.html


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