Upcoming Meetings & Conferences

The Netherlands

TNO - Implementation of PI Technologies

15 April - 2011


EUROTHERM Seminar 92

17-21 April - 2011


INFUB, Industrial Furnaces & Boilers

26-29 April - 2011

The United Kingdom

IChemE – European Process Intensification Conf

20-23 June - 2011


MNF2011, 3rd Micro and Nano Flows Conference

22-24 August - 2011

The United Kingdom

UK Heat Transfer Conference

30 August - 1 September - 2011


8th Int. Seminar on Heat Pipes, Heat Pumps etc.

12-15 September - 2011

The 3rd European Process Intensification Conference (EPIC 2011)

20 - 23 June 2011
Manchester Conference Centre
Manchester, UK

IChemE is organising the 3rd European Process Intensification Conference, EPIC 2011 to be held on the 20 - 23 June 2011 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The objective of EPIC is to bring together the key stakeholders and practitioners in the process industries to address the interactions between phenomena, equipment and operations which facilitate process efficiency and profitability.

Chaired by Professor Hugh Stitt from Johnson Matthey and Dr. Adam Harvey from Newcastle University, UK, EPIC 2011 will enable participants to discuss and share experiences in the field, including the current status, latest developments and future opportunities.

The technical programme will focus around 5 key themes:

Breaking barriers:

  • Implementation and considerations of existing and emerging PI operations and processes

Intensified product engineering:

  • Targeted production of end-use properties

Intensified fields:

  • Enhancements using electrical fields, microwaves, ultrasound, jet impingement and RF

Hybrid technologies:

  • Reactive distillation and extraction, membrane reactors and supercritical processing

Structured technologies:

  • Microreactors, mesoreactors and membranes

For more information please visit the website www.icheme.org/epic

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